Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Names and other such stuff

Some of you might have noticed that on the cover page of my lap folders I used to write Dr. Ilana Ekstein Michelson and now I've started to write Dr. Elana Ekstein Michelson. Well there is a good reason for that. When I was born my parents wrote my name on my birth certificate as Elana Ekstein. But for some reason they didn't like my name spelled with an E. So they taught me to spell it with an I. So all my life I've been spelling it with an I until this past summer I had to do something at social security and they said to me. "On all official documents you need to spell your name with an e because that’s the way it is spelled on your birth certificate. In order not to get confused about where I spell it with an I and where I spell it with an E I decided to spell it with an E all the time. So from now on you'll see it spelled with an E.

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